Monthly Value Program (MVP)

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What is MVP?

AutoNiche Inc.’s Monthly Value Program (MVP) arose from a desire to provide carefree car care to our clients. MVP is a prepaid maintenance plan designed for any vehicle. Regular maintenance helps ensure your vehicle’s performance and provides the peace of mind you are looking for. MVP makes it easier for you to keep up with your vehicle service routine and minimize ‘surprise’ repairs.

How does it work?

MVP is a monthly prepaid plan with bundle options that best fits your vehicle and lifestyle needs. Monthly payment is required through a pre-authorized credit card, with a commitment of 1 year per vehicle. Bring your vehicle in when it is due for service and we will update your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Benefits of MVP

  • The MVP program was a carefully thought-out approach to maintaining your car’s health in an easy, efficient, and effective way
  • We want our clients to make the most of their car purchase and realize the maximum value in an owned vehicle
  • The MVP program is a new solution to the problem of unexpected costs, sporadic car care and maintenance
  • A plan to suit all our clients’ needs within the MVP Program
  • We understand that a regular monthly amount committed to auto maintenance will provide value and peace of mind
ServicesMaintenanceMaintenance + Tire ChangeMaintenance + Tire Change / Tire Storage
Oil Change
Peace of Mind Digital Vehicle Inspection
Internal Engine Cleaning
Engine/Fuel System Protection Plan (Conditions Apply)
All Fluid Services
Brake Services
All Diagnostic
(Vehicles over 3 years old)
Front Wiper Blades
Battery Terminal Service
Tire Rotation
All Fluid Top Ups
Roadside Assistance
Seasonal Tire Change On/Off Rim
Tire Storage

Starts at $110/month

MVP Terms & Conditions

1-year commitment per vehicle. MVP is based on scheduled maintenance dependent on vehicle (3 months/5,000kms or 5 months/8,000kms oil change intervals). Additional cost may apply for oil over 5L and/or non-stock oil filter (dependent on vehicle). Two internal engine cleaning services covered per year. Recommend oil fortifier in between internal engine cleaning services (not included with MVP plan). Roadside assistance valid for 6 months with a completion of internal engine cleaning service. One front & rear brake service covered per year. If vehicle requires a brake replacement, the retail price of brake services may be offset. One alignment covered per year. Up to 10-hours of diagnostics covered per year. One pair of front wiper blades replaced per year, rear wiper blades not included. Fluid services includes: coolant fluid service, brake fluid service, power steering fluid service, transmission fluid service, differential fluid service (front/rear), transfer case fluid service. One of each type of fluid service is covered per year when required. Any other repairs identified as a result of the Peace of Mind inspection may not be covered by the plan. MVP members are eligible for a complimentary 1-day car rental for repairs over $1,000 pretax.


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