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Model tested:

  • 2015 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid
  • 3.5L – V6 engine: lithium-ion battery and 50 kW electric motor
  • 7-speed automatic transmission
  • Intelligent All-wheel drive
  • Seating Capacity: 5
  • Road Test Terrain: 60% city, 40% highway


The 2015 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid is marketed as the most technologically advanced vehicle out there, with an endless amount of features – after road-testing it for one week, we have to agree! The options and highlights of this car were so advanced that we might not have been able to test each one out! The overall attention to detail by Infiniti was astonishing, and kept us intrigued the entire time. Simple features such as remote power-opening of windows with a simple touch of the remote – comes in handy on those hot afternoons!

Exterior Design


Starting with the exterior, the Q50 has the look of luxury, a sleek body that still maintains a sporty look. With a 3.5L V6 engine, there was no lack of peppiness, and definitely fun to drive! The automatic high beam technology, also known as adaptive high beam, adjusts the light intensity to create the safest driving condition for you. The vehicle detects the distance of the vehicle ahead of you and will turn on the high beams if appropriate, and also turns off the high beams when it detects a vehicle approaching.

Front Tire

Remember, this is a hybrid, which means that it can sometimes be difficult for a pedestrian to detect a vehicle approaching. Although we didn’t personally experience the sound (likely because Infiniti meant it that way) the Q50 Hybrid has an Approaching Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians. This sound gives pedestrians a heads up that lets them know the vehicle is approaching – however, this sound does not distract the driver, passenger, or surrounding drivers (we told you, attention to details)!!


Often times, a hybrid battery can hinder the trunk space that drivers have but in the Infiniti Q50 the trunk was still spacious, and the battery safely tucked away.

Empty Trunk

Interior Design

The inside of the Q50 is so advanced that it is a little overwhelming at first. There are two touchscreen systems mounted in the centre, a 7” and an 8” screen. Each screen has the ability to be customized to the driver’s preferences.

Control Panel

Infiniti has also given the option of controlling features through either the touchscreen display, buttons along the sides of the screen, a small cluster located below the gear shift, or even toggles on the steering wheel itself – whichever the driver finds easiest and least distracting. This is another attention to detail that we took note of because we appreciate having a mixture of buttons, knobs and the touchscreen to choose between. It can often be distracting and unintuitive when everything is controlled through the touch screen display.


Touch Screen

From the steering wheel to the pedals, the luxury and sporty feel continues throughout the interior with the use of leather, aluminium accents and even the stitching.

Steer Wheel

Let’s talk features: the list is never ending in this car, and while some may find it too much, we appreciate that there is the ability to turn off the features the driver does not prefer. All of the features can be found on Infiniti’s website or in the Owner’s Manual, but we’ll choose some of the most note-worthy to mention. Firstly, the Infiniti Connection comes complimentary for 1-year which means owners can try it out for themselves to see just how great it can be! This feature includes the peace of mind of knowing there is emergency roadside assistance, ability to report a stolen vehicle, and make emergency calls. It also allows for directions to be sent directly to your vehicle, and for you to sync your Google Calendar to your vehicle.

Touch Display

With one push of a button, conveniently located on the steering wheel, three common features were turned on – blind spot, lane departure and forward collision warnings. These features can be turned on independently from one another but these tend to be the most common and favourite features available on vehicles, including us. However, when you pair these three features up with Infiniti’s Distance Control Assist, suddenly the vehicle will begin to continuously brake for you – all the time! This is a feature that others may appreciate, but we found it to be a little too invasive of our personal driving.

Driving Aids

Equipped in the Q50 Hybrid are the Lane Departure Prevention and Blind-Spot Intervention features. First, the Lane Departure Warning and Blind-Spot Warning Systems will notify you if the vehicle is drifting from the lane, or if you are about to switch lanes when a vehicle is beside you. If you do not react to the warnings, the vehicle will assist the vehicle back into the lane to avoid lane departure, or possible collisions.

Speed Meters

The Infiniti All Around View System uses 4 different cameras and angles to create, as the name suggests, an all-around view of the vehicle while reversing. The All Around View is used in conjunction with the Moving Object Detection to warn of any approaching objects, such as vehicles or pedestrians.

Infiniti All Around View System

Another notable feature was found in the navigation settings. Infiniti offers the ability to select your route of preference for navigation and included is an option to travel the route that is most Energy-Saving – a nice green option for the hybrid!

Control Panel

Child Car Seat

The cabin of this vehicle is rather spacious so it’s likely a rear facing child seat would fit comfortably – but of course it depends on the sizing of the seats. Infiniti recognized the difficulty many parents have with finding a car seat for their children that are compatible with their vehicles. On Infiniti Canada’s website, you can find the Snug Kids Safety Seat Fit Guide. This guide provides a list of child seats that will properly fit in the Infiniti car you’re driving.

Back Seat

It is important to remove rear seat headrests when installing forward facing seats. If not removed, the head rest can interfere with the child seat and prevent it from sitting flush against the seat. In the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid the rear headrests can easily be removed for forward facing seats, allowing the car seats to sit flat against the vehicle seats.

Back Seat

One thing we noticed about the rear bench was that the centre seat was raised, and a child seat cannot be installed in this location. The two outboard seats have a deep bucket which may require using a pool noodle to have the seat at the correct angle. The bucket seat also could make it difficult to fit wider car seats into the groove of the rear bench. This is when the Snug Kids guide will come in handy for selecting the right seat that will fit securely.

Back Seats

Infiniti’s Q50 Hybrid has designed the seatbelt buckle to sit flush with the seats which will assist in minimizing the interference with a car seat.


The 2015 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid comes well-equipped starting at $49,500 CAD.

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