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As winter rolls in, the days become shorter, temperatures drop and the leaves start to fall. All of these changes indicate winter is just around the corner; which means harsher weather conditions, unstable roads and the unforgiving cold, snow and ice. It is never too late to prepare your vehicle for winter and if you have yet to start, now is the perfect time.

Pointing Out Brakes

The Importance of Brakes in the Winter
Your brakes endure wear and tear on a daily basis, which is why checking them and having them replaced before winter is crucial. It not only enhances the performance of your vehicle, but is necessary for safety as well. Just like replacing your vehicle’s all-season tires with winter ones, replacing your brakes before the cold and snow will help improve your vehicle’s stopping distance.

Is It Time for Brake Replacement?

You should have your brakes inspected as part of your routine car maintenance, and you can also look out for these signs:

  • Listen for any high-pitched or screeching sounds coming from your brakes when you apply them. This may mean that the brake lining is getting low and you will need to have the brakes replaced.
  • Your brakes are not as responsive as they used to be, or you note that the pedal sinks to the floor. This may mean that your brake fluid is leaking and you should have the system inspected right away.
  • When you brake, your vehicle pulls to one side. This could mean that your brake calipers are binding.
  • As you press on the brake pedal, you feel a vibration in the vehicle. This may mean that your brake rotors are warped as a result of overheating.

Remember to ‘Break In’ Your New Brakes

Once new brakes are installed, you must not forget about them. Instead, you need to wear in those new brake materials properly. Adding too much heat to newly installed brakes could result in ineffective braking and premature wear. In general, you can expect to break in those new brakes for 300 kms. To do so you will need to:

  • Avoid making abrupt stops; instead, use slow and gradual stops.
  • Avoid riding your brakes – this generates too much heat.
  • Do not use your vehicle to tow during the break in period.
  • Use caution during the break in period and get used to the new brake components; different brake pads can feel different when your brakes are applied.

Winter is just around the corner – are your brakes ready? Bring your vehicle in for brake repair in Markham. Our skilled and experienced technicians always provide fast and reliable service.

Call us to book your brake inspection, installation, or replacement today. Feel free to contact us online with your questions regarding brake replacement or winter driving tips.

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