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Dear Front Seat Passenger: Don’t Sit Back Like This

Summertime is here and many people sitting in the front passenger seat want to put their feet up on the dash or out the window while they’re cruising. To be honest, as a driver I can’t stand staring at other people’s feet. But if you need a better reason why you shouldn’t put your feet up on the dash, ask any experienced Paramedic what people look like when they do this and the airbag deploys in a collision. Remember that most new cars have airbags along the pillar too (see circles in image below) so depending on the collision, you may have airbags deploying underneath and/or next to your feet. Not fun. The next time your passengers want to put up their feet, remind them that the airbag is right there and they may not want to be trapped in that position if you get into a collision! * This blog post was previously published on the Yummy Mummy Club website.

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