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All too often, drivers put off an auto safety inspection and discount the importance of having one performed on their vehicle. Whether you are buying a vehicle or simply driving an older model, the safety inspection is never something to forgo. Safety inspections can determine plenty for your vehicle—from its value to the overall condition and fulfilling necessary criteria as required by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Do You Need a Vehicle Inspection?

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There are certain situations where the Ontario Ministry of Transportation will require a vehicle inspection, including:

  • The Sale or Purchase of a Vehicle – If you are buying a used car, remember: “buyer beware”. Any time you are purchasing a vehicle, you should have that vehicle professionally inspected by a mechanic for its safety prior to the purchase. Not only will you ensure that you are investing in a sound vehicle, but it can also help determine whether or not you are being quoted a fair price for it. Buyer/Seller inspections involve a multi-point inspection that can give you useful insights about the car you are about to buy.
  • Transferring Ownership – You may not be selling your vehicle, but if you are transferring ownership (including to a family member that is not your spouse), you need to perform a safety inspection.

A certificate is not a guarantee of the condition of the vehicle, but you will be required to furnish a certificate when you:

  • Register a rebuilt motor vehicle
  • Transfer a vehicle to a new owner
  • Transfer a vehicle to another family member (spouses can be exempt)
  • Register a vehicle in Ontario that was registered in another province or country
  • Change the status of your vehicle from its “unfit” status to “fit”

The Facts About Safety Inspections and Safety Standards Certificates

The safety inspection can uncover serious hazards that you may not readily see in the vehicle. Any defects that are discovered and fixed right away can prevent you or the purchaser of your vehicle from dealing with mechanical and electrical failures later on. Most importantly, having your vehicle inspected and repaired immediately can save you money in the long run because minor problems are repaired before they become huge expenses.

Trusted Safety Inspection Services—Because You Care

It’s important to realize that your vehicle will not pass the safety inspection until all safety-related repairs are made; instead, the vehicle will have an “unfit” status attached to it. Technicians should never issue a safety standards certificate if the car does not meet the ministry’s minimum standards for safety. There are known instances of accidental death caused by a vehicle that was certified “safe” but wasn’t actually safe for driving. If a mechanic issues a safety certificate to an unsafe vehicle and an accident occurs, you and the technician will be held liable for any injuries, deaths or damage caused. It’s not worth the risk and the legal hassle to treat a safety inspection like another piece of paper—it’s not just that!

It is best that you take your vehicle to a licensed Ontario Motor Vehicle Inspection Station (MVIS) to receive the proper safety certificate for your transfer of ownership or registration. Look for a green and white sign which confirms that a mechanic qualifies as a certified inspector. AutoNiche is a licensed inspection station and we are up to date on the latest ministry requirements for all vehicle safety inspections. Our technicians will never pass a vehicle that is unsafe. Some clients think we are too stringent, but the fact is, we don’t make the rules and we won’t bend them for anyone. We know you care about your own safety and that of others; we do too. It is our goal to keep you safe behind the wheel and also to keep other drivers and passengers on the road safe around your vehicle.

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