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From our side of the counter, there are a few things that go a long way in helping us reduce wasted time when it comes to working on your car. Below is a list of some suggestions and things to keep in mind the next time you bring your car in for service. Granted, there are ways around some of the items (e.g. if the owner’s manual isn’t available, we have access to most information on fluid specifications through our service manuals) so it’s not that we can’t service your car without your full participation of this list. These are suggestions—friendly requests, really.

– At least half tank of fuel—we know you’re rushing to get to one appointment after another but I can’t stress this one enough. Almost always we need to road test the car, before and after repairs, and sometimes we need to run the car in the shop for an extended period of time (i.e., coolant fluid service, diagnosing engine idling issues, etc.)

– Ownership & proof of insurance—in case we get pulled over during the road test… this helps ward off any thoughts that we stole your car

– Wheel lock key (if applicable)—we won’t be able to get the tires off without it. It’s best to let us know where the key is kept…lest we go rummaging through your glovebox, trunk, storage compartment, etc. Oh, the things we find when searching for wheel locks! That could be its own blog post altogether…

– List of symptoms, concerns, issues, etc.—Have this list ready ahead of time, especially if the issues aren’t straightforward. It’s much better to think about issues you’d like us to address ahead of time, rather than trying to rhyme them off when you’re in a rush to leave the repair shop to catch your ride to work

– Previous work orders, invoices, etc.—It helps us to know the history of the car particularly in relation to any issue or concern that you may have

– Owner’s manual—it contains fluid specifications/quantities, as well as maintenance light reset procedures.

– Radio code—in some vehicles, after disconnecting the car battery the radio will ask for a code before letting you listen to your favourite tunes

– Keep your personal items—when you drop off your car, leave only your car keys. Don’t forget to take with you any items you may need—ID badges, phone, house or office keys, etc.

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* This blog post was previously published on the Yummy Mummy Club website *

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