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Times When You May Need A Tire Change

Times When You May Need A Tire Change

If you’ve been searching for a “tire change near me”, in the Markham, Ontario area, AutoNiche can help. Here are six instances when you might need a tire change.

1. You Might Need A Tire Change If It Is Fall.

Why would you need a tire change just because it is mid-autumn? What happens in autumn? The leaves change colour and fall, people put their Halloween decorations up, the hockey season starts again, and it starts to get cold. Or, cool, at least. That means you should probably switch to winter tires or all-weather tires soon.

In the tire industry, we don’t formally refer to “snow tires”. That’s because winter tires are about much more than snow. In Markham, we may not get any significant snowfall until January. But it is still wise to change your tires to winters or all-weathers by mid-November. All-season tires and summer times lose their ability to properly grip the road in temperatures as low as seven degrees Celsius. The rubber compounds start to stiffen and cannot give you the traction you need. Both winter tires and all-weather tires can provide suitable traction from mid-autumn until mid-spring.

2. You Might Need A Tire Change If It Is Spring.

Driving on all-weather or winter tires all year is not a safety issue, but it is not recommended. It can reduce your gas mileage and potentially misalign your wheels. Overall, you will likely save money by switching to all-season or summer tires in warm weather and to winter or all-weather tires in cold weather.

3. You Might Look For A Tire Change In June.

Some drivers prefer to drive on special summer tires in hot weather. These are often high-performance tires. Drivers of luxury vehicles in particular like to change over to summer tires to get the best driving experience from June to September.

4. You Will Need A Tire Change When Your Tire Treads Wear Out.

Nothing lasts forever. Even if you change your tires four times per year, drive safely and cautiously, eventually your tires will wear out. Depending on how deep the treads are, most tires last for 60,000km–100,000km. After that, it is sensible to change them for new ones.

5. You Will Need A Tire Change When You Get A Puncture.

Of course, the worst-case scenario is if your tire sustains a deep puncture or even a rupture. Then you will need a new tire. Some drivers are comfortable putting on their own spare, but if not, or you don’t have a spare, or more than one tire is punctured, you can come to AutoNiche. We would be happy to supply new tires and change them for you.

6. Sometimes You Just Need A Change.

Maybe your tires are in good condition, but they are just not the right tires for you. That is OK, at AutoNiche, you will never have to settle for less. We have a wide range of tire models and tire brands from which you can choose.

Come To AutoNiche For All Your Tire Needs In Markham

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