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Using An EV Charger And EV Service

Using An EV Charger And EV Service


At AutoNiche, we offer a variety of electric vehicle repairs and maintenance services.  While we service your car, we can also charge it with our EV charger.

Charging Cars So You’ll Go Far.

With AutoNiche, you don’t have to worry about having enough juice to get home, or wherever else you’re going after you leave our lot. We’ll ensure you have the power you need to get to wherever you’re going.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge An Electric Vehicle?

If you’re interested in buying an EV—and with today’s gas prices, who isn’t—you’re probably wondering how long it takes to charge it. The answer depends on several factors, not least of which is how much power the battery has in it when you begin charging. Other factors include the capacity of the battery, its age, and how you’re charging it. For example, at AutoNiche, we use a purpose-built EV charger, so it’s much faster.

Fully charging your battery could take as little as 30 minutes or as long as 12 hours. Usually, an average electric vehicle with a 60kWh battery takes just under 8 hours of charging to go from empty to full with a 7kW charging point. But of course, electric vehicles are rarely entirely out of power if they’re in our garage, so we often send our customers home with full or near-full batteries.

EV Service In Markham, ON

There are a few automotive services that electric cars need more often than gas-powered vehicles, and some they don’t need at all. For example, there are numerous parts in traditional internal combustion engine vehicles that don’t exist in electric automobiles. Electric vehicles don’t need replacement spark plugs, oil changes, or new fuel filters. They don’t have any of these things. EV drivers also don’t have to worry about emissions tests.

Therefore many EV owners report that their vehicles cost them less in maintenance and repairs than their previous vehicles did. And this makes sense. Powertrain maintenance ought to cost less in an electric car because there are fewer parts and less work involved.

Another advantage is that electric car brakes typically last longer than brakes on gas-powered vehicles. This is because electric cars utilize regenerative braking. This is a process that harvests deceleration energy to top up the batteries, and it saves on disc and pad wear.

Common EV Services:

  • Air conditioning maintenance (about every two to six years, depending on the model)
  • Brake calipers (at least once a year to be safe)
  • Brake fluid test (approximately every two years)
  • Cabin air filter (approximately every two years)
  • High-efficiency particulate air filter (about every three years)

Come To AutoNiche For Electric Car Service In Markham

If you’re in or near Markham, come to AutoNiche for all your EV needs! With an EV charger for charging your car to expert technicians who can fix anything wrong with it, you can rely on us for your EV service needs.

To book an appointment for electric vehicle service, or another service, please click here. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call us at 905-205-0228.

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