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Vehicle Service For Summer Road Trips

Vehicle Service For Summer Road Trips

Discover the summer vehicle service you need to go on a road trip or just regular maintenance it’s good to have when the weather gets hot.

What Vehicle Service Do You Need For Summer?

Summer is the time for beach trips, camping trips, hiking trips, trips to see family and friends, and maybe even that cross-Canada trip you’ve always been meaning to take. But after you’ve packed your tent, your beach chair, your hiking gear, or your cooler full of drinks into your car, the last thing you want is for it to not start. Or perhaps the last thing you want is for your car to break down in the middle of the highway on your road trip.

So, how do you avoid this? By bringing your car in to AutoNiche for an inspection and tune-up. If you live in Markham or anywhere nearby in the GTA, we can have your vehicle ready for everything that summer will throw at it. What are some common maintenance services cars need before summer road trips?

Road Trip Maintenance Checklist

Before going on your summer road trip, the technicians at AutoNiche can run through a checklist and provide any preventive or routine maintenance your vehicle needs. Such maintenance services might include:

Brake Flush

Brake Lines occasionally require flushing to ensure they operate at their peak capacity. Regular brake flushes are a critical part of preventive maintenance.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is an emissions control device which reduces the toxicity of pollutants. It’s integral to making sure your vehicle meets environmental standards.

Cooling System Flush

Your cooling system requires regular flushing to guarantee it operates efficiently. If not, your engine is at risk of overheating in the summer sun.

Exhaust System

A good exhaust system helps prevent engine trouble.

Fuel Injection

Fuel injection is what introduces the gasoline into the engine. A faulty fuel injector can ruin a road trip before it even starts.


You don’t want your noisy muffler bothering drivers all along the highway. Routine inspection is key for muffler maintenance.

Power Steering Flush

Power steering also requires occasional flushing. If you’re finding it hard to steer, you may need a system flush.

Spark Plug

Without working spark plugs, you’re not going on any road trip. Spark plugs are needed to start a gas-powered engine, so they’re pretty important. They should be inspected and replaced regularly.

Tire Maintenance

Check your tire pressure before a road trip. Better still, bring your vehicle into AutoNiche and we can check the pressure,rotate, and if necessary, balance your tires for you. And, of course, you should be driving on the right tires.

We at AutoNiche spend a lot of time explaining the importance of switching to all-weather or winter tires when it’s cold out. In summer, it’s less of a safety issue, but you still probably want some good all-season, or even high-performance summer tires on your vehicle before you embark on your summer road trip.

Come To Autoniche For Vehicle Service In Markham, ON

To book an appointment for service before your summer road trip, please click here. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call us at 905-205-0228.


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