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“When Do I Need To Change My Oil?”, “Can I Get An Oil Change Near Me?”, And Other FAQs

"When Do I Need To Change My Oil?", "Can I Get An Oil Change Near Me?", And Other FAQs

Discover the answers to all the questions you have about engine oil and oil changes, including, “Can I get an oil change near me in Markham, ON?”.

“Where Can I Get An Oil Change Near Me?”

If you’re in or near Markham, you can get an oil change at AutoNiche. We offer professional and quick oil changes that can get your engine working properly again. We can use your preferred brand of motor oil to top up your engine, the oil recommended in your vehicle owner’s manual, or we can suggest an oil that our expert technicians think is best for your type of vehicle and your driving habits. We can even perform synthetic oil changes.

“What Is Synthetic Oil?”

Synthetic oil is growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional oil. Synthetic oil contains all the same chemical compounds and petroleum molecules as conventional oil, but it is artificially synthesized to eliminate some impurities. Synthetic oil offers several benefits. Among them is that this oil needs to be changed less frequently.

“When Do I Need To Change My Oil?”

It depends on how old your vehicle is, what kind of driving you normally do, and what kind of oil you use. The safe rule of thumb is to change your oil approximately every 4,500 kilometers. Many believe this interval is too frequent, though. If you stick to an interval of 4,500 km, you won’t hurt your engine, but you might spend slightly more on oil than necessary.

If you haven’t been experiencing any engine problems, then driving 8,000 km between oil changes is probably fine. And if you’re using synthetic oil, you might be able to drive up to 12,000 km without incident. Newer vehicles tend to be able to go longer without oil changes. There is one notable caveat to that, though, and that is some mechanics recommend conducting the first oil change in a brand-new vehicle after just 1,600 km.

Your car owner’s manual ought to have a recommended oil change interval. But there’s no exact interval that applies to all vehicles. The experts at AutoNiche can give you a more personalized estimate based on your driving habits and other specifications. For example, if you largely use your vehicle for short drives, such as journeys under 20 km, you may need to change your oil more frequently than other drivers whose daily commute involves getting up to speed on the highway.

“What Are Some Signs I Need An Oil Change?”

Any sign of engine trouble could indicate that you need an oil change. If you see a patch of oil underneath your vehicle after you’ve parked, you likely have a leak. In that case, you’ll need a reseal and a top up. If your check engine light comes on, you should bring your vehicle into AutoNiche for an assessment and possibly an oil change.

Come To AutoNiche For An Oil Change

If you are in or near Markham, there’s no need to keep searching for an oil change near you. Just come to AutoNiche! To book an appointment for an oil change, please click here. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call us at 905-205-0228.

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