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Your vehicle’s A/C system isn’t just meant to keep you COLD

There’s only 3 things your air conditioning system is responsible for… And it’s not to keep you cold.

Before you search online ‘car air conditioner not working’, find out more about what the system does. It may actually be functioning fine!

It’s summertime. One day, you’ve got crisp cold air. The next day, you have slightly cool and humid air. What happened?

The air conditioning system in your vehicle is meant to… condition the air. What we mean is that it serves three functions: deliver cool, dry, and clean air.

Cool: Pressurized refrigerant is used to transfer heat from the cabin area where you sit to the outside (ambient) air around your car.

Dry: Humidity and moisture is removed through the evaporator. The reason why you feel that the air is cold and crisp during the summer is in part because the humidity is removed.

Clean: Most times in the summer we see people in their vehicles with the windows rolled up with their air conditioner is on. The system is drawing fresh air into where you sit. The first line of defense from debris, dust, allergens, etc is through the vehicle’s cabin air filter. This filter also prevents contaminants from building up on the evaporator… the evaporator is usually quite costly to fix because of the labour time needed to remove it from the dashboard.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the first two functions (cool and dry) is RELATIVE to the ambient (outside) temperature. Especially during heat waves, when it’s really hot and humid, the air conditioning in your car is not as effective because it’s limited in the amount of heat it can transfer and the amount of humidity and moisture it can remove.

If you find that on a very hot and humid day, the air conditioner only seems to be a bit cooler then try it again the next day or in the evening when the weather isn’t as hot and humid. If you get cool, crisp air through the vents then chances are your vehicle’s air conditioning system is working just fine.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash
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