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Instead of being designed to perform at optimal levels in one specific type of weather or climate, all seasons can perform at least reasonably well in all weather conditions. When they were first innovated in the 1970s, manufacturers decreased the effectiveness of wet weather gripping in all season tires so they could increase their mobility in cold temperatures. However, they are not as adept at handling cold and ice as winter tires are.

All Season Tires

In Ontario, all season tires are quite effective for three seasons, with winter being the exception. To achieve year-round performance, all season tires lack some of the properties of winter and summer tires. They do not have an intense grip, nor can they really provide sharp handling when driving on ice. Many drivers utilise all seasons from spring until the onset of winter, while others opt to use summer tires throughout the hottest months.

Perhaps as many as 49% of Canadian drivers try to use all season tires though winter. For drivers this is inadvisable as cold, and even cool, weather affects all seasons. Temperatures as high as 7°C can impede all seasons; below this temperature the compound stiffens, and this can cause longer braking distances. It is best to use winter tires in the coldest and snowiest months.

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