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There are a number of issues that can prevent your gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine from performing at optimal levels and one of these problems is carbon buildup. Carbon deposits in the intake valves and throttle body can cause acceleration problems and hinder your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. A fuel induction service can clear out these carbon deposits.

A fuel induction service consists of a technician adding specially formulated chemicals which are designed to coat and clean all internal surfaces of the engine. This process thoroughly cleanses intake valves and combustion chambers by removing heavy carbon deposits. The technician also adds a cleaning solution to the fuel tank. A separate product is used to keep the engine revving throughout the service, ensuring the cleaning products circulate and reach all the cylinders, offering a more complete cleaning service.

If you have noticed that your vehicle is experiencing a performance issue, a carbon buildup could be the cause. A fuel induction service should clear that up. Some common symptoms of carbon buildup include the aforementioned problems of accelerating and reduced fuel efficiency. Other symptoms include a rough idle, hard starting, and knocking or pinging noises coming from your engine. A fuel induction service can solve all these issues and it can reduce harmful emissions.

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