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As Canadians, we’re all aware of winter tires. While some drivers simply use “all-season” tires year-round, most Canadian drivers understand the many benefits to having winter tires installed during the cold months. However, there are also summer tires. Should you buy some summer tires for sale?

Summer Tires

While winter tires are specialized for maximizing traction on wet and cold roads, summer tires prioritize performance on dry roads. Summer tires are designed to deliver high-performance as they are built for speed and agility. Summer tires increase the responsiveness of your vehicle and maximize your cornering and braking capabilities. Summer tires are able to provide these advantages due to their specialized tread pattern and rubber compounds.

The combination of these patterns and compounds allow for increased precision on the road. The tread pattern on a summer tire has less grooving than the tread on a winter or all-season tire. This means that at any given point in its revolution, a summer tire puts more rubber in contact with the road. This maximizes the road-holding grip of the tire. Furthermore, summer tires are more flexible and this also increases traction and grip. Lastly, summer tires typically have shallower tread depths which is key because it provides more stability in situations where your tires are pushed closer to their limits.

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