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At AutoNiche we respect that your vehicle is a huge investment. We care about your car’s health as much as we care about your peace of mind, which is why we test products and services rigorously before offering them to our clients.

We at AutoNiche tested the BG Oil Service products ourselves and are pleased to offer them to our clients. We were impressed with the results we saw both inside and overall engine health when tested.

The internal combustion engine really is one of the most significant of humanity’s inventions, and it is an impressively intricate invention at that. An engine requires a variety of different inner components to work together in order for the engine to operate properly. Even the slightest problem, such as a build-up of soot, can cause major issues.

Engine Wipe Cleaning

That’s why internal engine cleanings are sometimes necessary. Internal engine cleaning, also known as engine soot removal, is a service performed by auto technicians to restore your engine to its optimal levels of performance. It cleans the parts within your engine that are subjected to combustion. These parts include:

  • Valves
  • EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valves
  • Pistons
  • Cylinders
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Turbochargers
  • DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters)

Hydrogen is the best internal engine cleaner because it has a calorific capacity that is three times greater than liquid fuels (gasoline or diesel) and will increase the flammability of your original fuel. This will allow your engine to burn all the injected fuel and not just the 65% efficiency rate most engines commonly have. Increasing the fuel’s flammability increases the temperature of the exhaust gas, allowing the complete combustion of soot particles deposited in the engine as a result of poor combustion of the injected fuel.

Many new engines aren’t lasting as long as they should. Costly issues are arising sooner and sooner. This leads to many car owners feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with the longevity of their vehicle and fed up with the rising costs of service.

There is something you can do to help maximize your engine’s performance while minimizing the stress and costs of engine repair.

BG OIL SERVICE PRODUCTS provide the ultimate protection. Added to every oil change at 16 000 KMS, it can greatly improve your engine’s condition by cleaning through the sledge and varnish build up that occurs as a vehicle is used and fuel is added.

If you’re in or near Markham, ON, and would like more details about internal engine cleaning, the best internal engine cleaners, or if you would like to book an internal engine cleaning for your vehicle, please contact us via our website or call us at 905-205-0228.

FAQ on Internal engine Cleaning

  1. Why is it important to clean the sludge and varnish from your engine on a regular basis?
    Just like plaque buildup in the mouth can lead to cavities and larger issues down the road, so can an excess of sludge and varnish in a car’s engine. Sludge is a gel-like formation as a result of high engine temperature and varnish is a coating on the internal components of the engine as a result of chemical reactions. The BG OIL SERVICE PRODUCTS allows the engine to purge those extra components of fuel and oil and leave the engine better able to burn fuel more efficiently and cleanly. This causes less wear and tear on the engine and allows the engine to run more smoothly.
  2. Why should I spend the extra $94 plus tax every 16 000 KM? Cars cost enough already!
    We know car repair is costly and vehicle ownership comes with added expenses, but investing in your investment only makes sense. The BG OIL SERVICE not only helps maintain your engine’s overall health at the source but also allows you the added peace of mind of its accompanying LIFETIME BG PROTECTION PLAN, covering your engine repairs for up to $4000.Just like we know that dental hygiene and fitness classes may cost us time and money in the short term, we know that the long-term benefits to our overall health are worth it.
  3. My car is old, is it even worth it for me to try the BG Oil Service Products?
    Just like the enamel on your teeth, aging and wear can have an impact on your car. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to preserve and improve on overall health. An older engine will have more build up and run the greater risk of costly engine repairs. Strengthening your engine’s overall health has a positive effect on keeping your vehicle running more smoothly, longer. Plus BG OIL SERVICE PRODUCTS offers a lifetime warranty on engine repair up to 160 000 KM so you can gain some peace of mind while also helping to improve your overall car health.
  4. I follow the manufacturer’s recommended service maintenance schedule to the day! I’m good, why would I need to do more?
    Understand that your manufacturer’s warranty is highly calculated. And that’s not a knock against the manufacturers. They have to calculate the warranty period – that’s good business sense if you are in the market of selling cars. But remember, it’s no different than the warranty on your kitchen appliances or vacuum cleaner, roof shingles, life insurance premiums, etc. There are many reasons for extending the maintenance intervals. Yes, vehicles are designed better and require less maintenance. However, the intervals that some of the manufacturers recommend need be looked at with this in mind: the manufacturers are interested in the minimum amount of maintenance required to support their factory warranties. The BG OIL SERVICE PRODUCTS only add to the maintenance of your vehicle and are in line with warranties. In fact, keeping in mind the service schedule is highly calculated to the warranty period, it might make the best sense as a consumer to add a service that can help extend the life of your vehicle and cover you for costly engine repairs later down the line.
  5. My car in brand new, I should be good for a while right?
    Good habits in the break-in period of a new vehicle are the perfect time to get good habits established and to ensure the long life of your investment.  Plus, LIFETIME BG PROTECTION PLAN has greater coverage for engine repair early on in your car’s life.

It’s better to be paying into something that gives you direct benefits as well as peace of mind down the road.

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