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Do I Need Winter Tires With AWD In Markham, ON?

Do I Need Winter Tires With AWD In Markham, ON?

When the temperature drops and snow and ice begin to coat the roads, ensuring your vehicle is equipped to handle winter conditions becomes paramount. If you own a vehicle with all-wheel drive (AWD) in Markham, ON, you might wonder whether winter tires are still necessary.

At AutoNiche, we understand the importance of vehicle safety, especially in winter conditions. Let’s explore whether you need winter tires with AWD, their benefits, and when to make the switch.

Do I Need Winter Tires If My Vehicle Has AWD?

While all-wheel drive (AWD) offers enhanced traction by sending power to all four wheels, it doesn’t guarantee optimal performance in winter conditions. Winter tires are specifically designed with a specialized rubber compound to provide better traction on snow and ice, even in extreme cold.

AWD helps with acceleration but doesn’t necessarily improve braking and cornering on slippery surfaces. Therefore, even with AWD, winter tires remain essential for safe driving in winter conditions.

Benefits Of Using Winter Tires With AWD

Enhanced Traction: They are engineered to grip snow and ice better than all-season tires. When paired with AWD, they significantly improve traction, allowing for better control and stability in winter conditions.

Improved Braking: Their tread design and rubber compound allow for shorter braking distances on snow and ice, reducing the risk of accidents.

Better Cornering Performance: With winters, AWD vehicles can navigate corners more effectively in snowy and icy conditions, reducing the likelihood of skidding or losing control.

Safety: The combination of AWD and winter tires provides an extra layer of safety, especially during harsh winter weather, ensuring you can handle various road conditions with confidence.

When Should I Switch To Winter Tires With AWD?

The ideal time to switch to winters with AWD is before temperatures drop consistently below 7°C (44°F). As the mercury dips, all-season tires’ rubber hardens, reducing traction and compromising performance.

Winter tires’ softer rubber compound remains flexible even in extreme cold, maintaining grip on icy and snowy roads. By switching your tires before the onset of winter weather, you ensure optimal safety and performance throughout the season.

Contact Us For Winter Tires

While all-wheel drive (AWD) provides additional traction and stability, it’s not a substitute for winter tires in harsh winter conditions. At AutoNiche in Markham, ON, we recommend equipping your AWD vehicle with a set of snow or winter tires to ensure your safety and that of others on the road.

With enhanced traction, improved braking, and better cornering performance, winters paired with AWD offer the best combination for navigating snow and ice-covered roads. Don’t wait until it’s too late – make the switch to winter tires before winter weather sets in to drive with confidence this season.

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