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Vehicle HVAC Cleaning near Pickering, ON

As we enter the summer season, it’s common for people to test their vehicle air conditioning system and notice that their car smells musty. If this is the case for your vehicle, stop by AutoNiche near Pickering Ontario, we’ll get to the bottom of the cause and ensure it is fixed quickly.

Our team of trained service professionals uses MiST™ In-Car Air Quality™, a specially designed solution that treats and prevents living microorganisms like mould and mildew from forming in your HVAC system.

Servicing Your A/C System

The A/C in your vehicle is a cool, dark, and damp place that creates the optimal conditions for mould to grow. Servicing your air conditioning system is important because the blower fan will distribute any microorganisms nesting in the system throughout the cabin, which perpetuates the mould smell. This can also affect the health of you and any of your passengers who experience long-term exposure.

Do you currently have a regular maintenance schedule that includes servicing your heating and air conditioner system? If not, the team at AutoNiche can help you design one that is suited to your vehicle and your driving habits.

Keeping Your Car Clean

Additionally, ensuring that your vehicle is clean and well ventilated are key ways to help minimize any mould and mildew like odors. While a professional service will cover all aspects of your vehicle, there are many steps you can take to clean your car at home.  Some simple tips to keep your car clean include:

  • Remove garbage from the vehicle
  • Vacuuming the floor and upholstery regularly
  • Wiping down your air ducts to remove dirt and dust
    • Tip: try using a foam paint brush, it will easily squish between the slits in the vents
  • Driving with the windows open when possible
  • Using the fresh air intake option on your ventilation system
  • Using a disinfectant spray on high touch surfaces
  • Having your cabin air filter changed
    • This differs for each vehicle make and model, we recommend looking at your owner’s manual for the exact location of your cabin air filter

MiST™ In-Car Air Quality™

At AutoNiche, we use MiST™ In-Car Air Quality™, a biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-corrosive HVAC cleaning solution with micro-droplet technology. This allows the solution to get into many places that a regular spray cannot.

MiST is drawn into the HVAC system and treats all aspects of your HVAC system. This includes the evaporator core, heater core, air vents and ducts, and the surfaces within the cabin of the vehicle. This service can be completed in 15 mins, leaving you and your passengers healthier than when you drove on the lot

Cabin Air Cleaning Solutions near Pickering

If you are looking for a fresher ride this summer or are in need of having your car air conditioning system cleaned, look no further than AutoNiche. Our team is happy to help you get rid of that musty smell, and ensure that your air conditioning system is mould and mildew free.

For more information speak to our service advisors today or book your appointment online now.

About AutoNiche

The goal of AutoNiche is to empower and educate our clients. We want to show them that the experience of taking a car in for servicing can be a positive one.

Our staff brings over 25 years of technical experience and over 15 years of automotive parts experience. For anyone who has had an unpleasant car repair experience, we invite you to try the AutoNiche difference!

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