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Oil Changes for Life!

Lifetime Maintenance Package near Scarborough, ON

Purchase a Lifetime Maintenance Package on your vehicle and never pay for an oil change again as long as you’re our client!

Even if you sell your vehicle, you can transfer the Lifetime Maintenance Package to your next vehicle at no additional cost. If the new vehicle takes a more expensive Lifetime Maintenance Package then you just pay the difference. No credit is given if the new vehicle takes a less expensive Lifetime Maintenance Package.

Fight inflation, as the price of oil and parts increase, it never will for you!

Gain Peace of Mind! Have your vehicle inspected on a regular basis so that you can maximize reliability and performance.

Why is AutoNiche offering such a great deal?

Open advertising can get very expensive; we would rather pass the savings on to you.

The Lifetime Maintenance Package provides many valuable benefits:

  • Lifetime oil changes at our suggested service intervals
  • Free fluid top-off(coolant, brakes, steering and washer fluid only)
  • Courtesy multi-point vehicle inspection
  • Maintenance and Repair Records –We will maintain a history of the services that we perform on your vehicle. You may receive a printout of service history upon request.


What’s the catch? There is none!

You understand that the Lifetime Maintenance Package is not intended to be a means for either party to take advantage of the other. More directly, it is not intended to be an ‘oil change only’ type of relationship.

The intention of this plan is a two-way relationship. By enrolling in the Lifetime Maintenance Package, you understand that maintenance services and repairs will be recommended in accordance with your vehicle condition, and AutoNiche is your preferred repair shop for these recommendations.

This is a win-win, and you have the benefit of not paying full price for an oil change for the rest of your life!

This package can be cancelled by either party at any time. The services you receive at retail will be deducted from the original cost and the difference will be refunded if applicable.

Commercial, fleet vehicles, and diesel trucks are not eligible.

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