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Vehicle sanitization has never been more important. Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, AutoNiche was deemed to be an essential service, so we know how important safety and peace of mind is to our clients. We’ve all learned to sanitize our hands when we enter an establishment, to sanitize our groceries when we bring them home, and to sanitize our workplaces. But what about our vehicles?

Vehicle Sanitization & Disinfecting Services near Scarborough, ON

AutoNiche can ensure that your vehicle is clean and sanitized. To do this, we use Gard’nClean, an effective COVID-19 killer that has been proven safe and eco-friendly. It is certified by Health Canada and it is effective and won’t damage your vehicle. Gard’nClean is a chlorine-dioxide (CIO2) product and it is a selective oxidizer. Unlike traditional oxidizers, such as ozone or peroxides, CIO2 destroys unwanted pathogens without damaging surfaces, so your vehicle won’t sustain any corrosion to the upholstery or interior surfaces. Chlorine dioxide has a high material compatibility, is safe on hands, and it leaves no residue. Apart from use inside vehicles, Gard’nClean is used in hospitals, hotels, malls, office buildings, and many other places, as well.

Vehicle Sanitization

At AutoNiche, we only use high-quality materials like Gard’nClean, so you can be sure your vehicle is completely clean after our vehicle sanitization service.  We are proud to offer vehicle sanitization among our wide range of services to clients in Markham, ON, and the surrounding area. We charge $23.87 (plus tax) for our vehicle disinfectant service.

For more details or to book a vehicle sanitization, please contact us via our website or call us at 905-205-0228.

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