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4 Winter Driving Tips To Get You Through A Canadian Winter

4 Winter Driving Tips To Get You Through A Canadian Winter

Winter driving in Canada can be an intimidating endeavour. Here are four winter driving tips to keep you safe and your vehicle in good condition this winter.

1. Get Winter Tires Or All-Weather Tires

Whether you’re a rookie motorist, a first-time car owner, or a seasoned veteran, driving throughout the winter here in Markham can be tough. Unfortunately, many Canadian drivers make it tougher than it needs to be. Novices and veterans alike make the mistake of trying to drive on all-season tires in winter. At AutoNiche, we strongly advise against this.

Despite their name, all-season tires are not actually suitable for all seasons here in Ontario. And despite popular belief, snow is not the main reason why. Both winter tires and all-weather handle snow better than all-season tires, but this isn’t the crux of the issue; temperature is.

In a temperature as mild as seven degrees Celsius, all-season tires cannot perform optimally. The rubber compounds in the tire begin to stiffen and the tires can’t grab the road properly. Both winters and all-seasons, however, are made of different compounds and have different tire tread designs and siping that help them perform better in cold and wintry conditions.

At AutoNiche, we have a wide variety of winter and all-weather tires for sale. Our tire experts can recommend which winter tires work best for your vehicle, and of course, we can install them for you. We know that cost is often a major concern for drivers, but the cost of winter tires is amortized over time. By driving on the right tires for each season, you can increase tire longevity, thus reducing how often you have to buy new tires.

2. Take Your Time

It is often a good idea for drivers to slow down a bit, no matter what season it is. If you don’t have a tendency to drive a little faster than you should, that’s great, but many drivers do. And in winter, this can be really dicey.

Even with the best winter tires on your vehicle, you won’t be able to brake on ice as quickly as you can on asphalt. When it is snowy, wet, or icy out, it’s critical to slow things down a little. Remember that it will take longer for you to stop, so apply the brakes a bit earlier than you normally would.

3. Carry The Right Equipment

There are few things Canadian drivers dread more than getting stuck in a snowdrift. Keeping a shovel in your trunk, even just a small one, can help you dig out of the snow. A brush is also critical to keep your windshield clear. Also, make sure you switch to winter windshield washer fluid before the temperature drops below zero. Frozen windshield washer fluid won’t do you any good.

4. Contact AutoNiche In Markham For A Pre-Winter Tune-Up Or For More Winter Driving Tips!

If there is a problem with something in your vehicle, a harsh Canadian winter is likely to make it worse. If you bring your vehicle into our Markham auto body shop, we can inspect it and address any suspected issues.

To book an appointment for a tune-up, or for any other automotive service, please click here. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call us at 905-205-0228.

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