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5 Ways Hybrid Auto Repair Is Different

5 Ways Hybrid Auto Repair Is Different

If you’ve recently purchased a hybrid vehicle, or are considering buying one, here are five ways hybrid auto repair differs from repairing traditional vehicles.

1. Engine Service And Repair Is Different With Hybrid Auto Repair.

Hybrids typically operate on electric battery power until the battery is drained or until the vehicle exceeds a certain speed. That’s when a hybrid switches to the gasoline engine. The parts of the engine that function on gasoline are much the same as any other automobile that uses an internal combustion engine, so that facet of a hybrid car doesn’t need any special kind of repair.

Different models of engines are all different to some degree, of course, but any mechanic worth their salt can service and repair a variety of different engines. Knowing how to repair and service the parts of a hybrid- a vehicle that utilizes electric battery power, however, can be tricky. Auto technicians require special knowledge and tools to perform hybrid auto repair for this reason.

2. Battery Replacement Is A Common Hybrid Auto Service.

The good news is that in hybrid vehicles, the electric motor typically requires very little attention. However, the battery pack is it a different story. It’s common for these battery packs to fail after about 160,000 kilometres. That’s when you will need to purchase a replacement battery.

These batteries are engineered with complex wiring systems, so drivers often have difficulty installing these batteries themselves. The technicians at AutoNiche can install a new hybrid car battery for you quickly and properly. Another thing to note is that some hybrid batteries also have an air filter that requires occasional replacement.

3. Longer Oil Change Intervals Are A Benefit Of Hybrid Vehicle Service.

Because there’s a whole electric motor in a hybrid, the gas engine doesn’t have to work as hard. This means that the engine’s oil doesn’t have to work as hard. While oil changes still are necessary for hybrid vehicles, the interval is likely to be much longer than normal. Hybrids can often go 16,000 kilometres between oil changes. Most hybrids have a light on the dashboard indicating the vehicle’s oil life. It will light up when you need an oil change, similar to how the check engine light functions.

4. Brake Pads Often Last Longer On Hybrids.

Most hybrid cars have regenerative braking technology. When activating the brakes, the electric motor engages in reverse mode, which utilizes the kinetic energy of a hybrid vehicle’s braking system to recharge the vehicle’s batteries. This results in a lot less wear on the brake pads, and it provides an additional source of electricity to charge the battery.

Ultimately, hybrid owners don’t need to replace their brake pads nearly as often. However, you should still have your braking system inspected at least twice a year by a technician who knows how assess hybrid braking systems and this specialized technology.

5. You Can’t Receive Hybrid Auto Repairs Everywhere. . .But You Can In Markham, ON.

Some hybrid owners have difficulty finding an auto garage that can perform all the repairs and service their hybrid needs. If you’re in or near Markham, you won’t have that problem. Just come to AutoNiche! To book an appointment for hybrid vehicle service, or another service, please click here. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call us at 905-205-0228.

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