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Are EV Tires Different From Other Tires?

Are EV Tires Different From Other Tires?

Learn all about EV tires, discover why electric vehicles might require different tires from traditional automobiles, and discover how EV braking is different.

Electric Vehicles In Markham

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. Perhaps they will make up a majority of vehicles in the not-too-distant-future. But for now, EV’s are still in the minority, and many drivers thinking about transitioning to an EV for their next car have questions. One of those is about tires.

At first, it may seem an odd question. “Are EV tires different from other tires?” Why would they be? There are a few reasons why they are different.

Electric vehicles are heavier than gasoline-powered vehicles. The tire industry is beginning to adapt to this change. One possible answer is the high-load capacity tire, or the HL tire. These tires can carry a heavier load at the same tire pressure as traditional tires.

EV Tires In Markham

To get the most out of your tires, you may want to buy HL tires for your EV. But load capacity isn’t the only factor to consider when buying EV tires. The on-demand torque in an electric car requires better traction because the tires are grabbing the road surface and enduring a lot of friction during that initial acceleration. Tire experts optimize EV tires to maximize grip and reduce wear.

EV’s have more powerful and faster acceleration than traditional vehicles, and they require lower rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is the friction that occurs when a tire rotates. Rolling resistance affects the range the vehicle can travel. The power train in an electric vehicle is more efficient than an internal combustion engine. Because of this, the rolling resistance becomes even more important. It accounts for about 16% of the total energy used.

EV tires may also allow you to enjoy a more pleasant ride. One benefit of EV’s is that they are so quiet. EV tires can contribute to this. Tire manufacturers make EV tires so they can minimize road noise. Using a standard tire on an EV might be noticeably loud and distracting because there is no internal combustion engine to drown it out.

EV Tire Maintenance

Ultimately, EV tire maintenance isn’t all that different. You should still check your tire pressure regularly (we recommend monthly). You should still check your tires for cuts, cracking, tread depth, and wear. Because of the extra mass of an EV, tire longevity may be reduced. You may have to buy tires more often or have your tires rotated or balanced more often than with a traditional vehicle.

But even if you do end up spending more on EV tire maintenance, you can make that money back. Both by not spending money at the pump and by saving on brake maintenance and replacement. EV’s utilize regenerative braking. This is a process that harvests deceleration energy to top up the batteries, and it also saves on disc and pad wear.

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