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Your car’s exhaust system is one of the harder working systems. It is what takes harmful fumes from your engine to the outside, while increasing performance and reducing your engine’s noise output. An exhaust leak can force your system to work harder than necessary. If your muffler starts to make noises or you notice the signs of a worn out system, replacing it today could save you money in the long run.

Signs It Is Time for Muffler Repair

Your car will usually tell you when it needs repair. If your vehicle’s muffler system is having issues, it will give off distinct signs that include:

  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency – A sudden decrease in fuel efficiency can indicate a few problems. An exhaust leak can impact your fuel efficiency – increasing how often you have to fill the fuel tank. That is because the leak is not allowing your exhaust to build enough backpressure and this robs power. You’ll then need to press the accelerator pedal more to increase the power output to your vehicle.
  • Vibrations – If you feel vibrations on the steering wheel or through the vehicle, you may also have an exhaust leak. These vibrations are a safety issue and you should bring your vehicle in for exhaust repair in Markham right away.
  • Increased Engine Noise – A muffler failure will make your engine sound louder than usual. That is because your exhaust reduces engine noise. Leaks along the exhaust, at the gaskets, or the manifold and joints will lead to increased engine noise.
  • Sluggish Vehicle – Your vehicle may seem more sluggish than usual. For example, it may not be able to accelerate as quickly as it usually does. This often indicates a restriction somewhere along your exhaust system.

Do not put up with decreased vehicle efficiency or risk your safety. Instead, bring your vehicle in forexhaust repair or replacement at AutoNiche.

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