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Why do wheels need to be re-torqued?


All wheels need to be tightened to a specific torque measurement. With modern cars, the tendency for the wheel nuts to back off is higher. That’s why wheel manufacturers recommend checking the torque on wheel nuts at 30kms to 50kms after any wheel installation, including changing from your all season tires to your winter tires and vice versa.

A re-check on the wheel torque is essential for car safety. Every year in the news we read about wheels coming off vehicles and this is dangerous.

Remember, wheels need to be properly torqued. Too loose and the wheel is not secured prompting a need to tighten the lug nuts with a torque wrench. Having nuts that are too tight will damage the threads and warp components. Common auto repair or car maintenance visits such as a tire change or new tire installation will need the wheel removed and re-installed. Same goes for brake repair or brake services.

Wheel Torque services in Markham, ON

If you’re typing in a search for Auto Repair Near Me, look no further than AutoNiche. Stop by our shop and we’ll re-check the wheel torque at no charge. This service takes only a few minutes to do and could save you time and money and will ensure your safety while driving. Consider visiting AutoNiche when you search Auto Repair Markham! Let’s keep our roads safe!

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