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Picture yourself coming down one of the many beautiful ski slopes Ontario has to offer. Now picture yourself again, only this time with your skis pointing a few degrees inward or outward. Even those few degrees of variation will put a lot of additional stress on your ankles, knees and calves. Yes, you will still enjoy the experience but may not have the easiest time in the hours following, as the aches and pains begin to creep in.

It’s the same thing with the wheel alignment for your car. The good news is that it’s a condition you can easily stay in control over with regular maintenance and checks for your vehicle. Even when your wheels are one degree or two out of alignment, this can have quite a significant impact on different parts and components of your car. You may find yourself paying for repair and replacement of components that should have lasted longer, but wear prematurely because of misaligned wheels.

Not having your wheels aligned properly affects not only your safety, but the safety of others on the road as well. Misalignment affects braking, cornering, overall handling of your car, lifetime of your tires, among other things. In addition, it increases your car’s fuel consumption—so what you may think you are saving on avoiding a wheel alignment service, you will end up paying for in higher fuel cost.

A regular wheel alignment at your local auto repair and maintenance shop just makes sense.

How Do You Decide Which Type of Wheel Alignment to Choose?

There are two types of wheel alignments: two-wheel and four-wheel. When opting for a two-wheel alignment, keep in mind that only the angles of the front wheels of the vehicle are taken into consideration. On the other hand, with a four-wheel alignment service, angles of all the wheels are checked and aligned to ensure your vehicle is at its maximum handling capability. You should know that a technician can only make proper adjustments to your front wheels depending on the angles of your rear wheels. Therefore, in order to get a complete and accurate wheel alignment, you should always opt for a four-wheel alignment.

What Can Affect My Car’s Wheel Alignment?

Whether you drive long distances daily or just within the neighbourhood, your car can experience a lot of stress during the drive. Even the smallest of obstacles can negatively affect your wheel alignment including:

  • Hitting curbs
  • Pot holes
  • Major collisions
  • General wear and tear
  • Minor collisions like bumping into concrete parking stalls

Improper Wheel Alignment: 3 Driving Safety Risks

Without regular wheel alignment, you are exposing your car to increased tire wear, loss of traction, and reduced handling capabilities. These 3 risks individually and combined can lead to hazardous, even disastrous driving conditions. When it comes to booking your wheel alignment, many of us make the mistake of not considering it as part of regular maintenance. With so many factors contributing to your wheels losing their alignment, it becomes difficult to decide on the right time for a service. Our professional recommendation is to have it done during your car maintenance service, at least once a year.

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