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Once you complete the card, you can get a complimentary oil change!

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Take a few minutes and check out our outstanding Markham client rewards. Not only do we supply outstanding Markham auto repair services, but we go the extra mile to make you feel appreciated. Why? Because we base our company on being active members of the community and helping our fellow human beings by keeping their vehicles in good working order.

Showing some appreciation with the rewards program is just an extension of our overall philosophy of integrity, honesty and quality.

Here’s a few highlights of this reward program we think you’ll like:

  • We will send both rewards and information to you through the app. Not only is this an excellent way for you to stay in touch with us through your smart phone, there’s an added bonus in the rewards that you’ll get. Here at AutoNiche we are always looking to engage with our clients. That means we want to have a sensible and healthy back and forth and we thought a rewards program would be an excellent way to accomplish both those goals.
  • If you get up to five punches, you can get a free oil change. Remember, we take advantage of innovation to make sure that our customers are getting the most trending automotive information and services possible. That’s why all you need to do to get started with our Markham client rewards program is download a simple app.

Why We Do It

When you take a look at our website, you’ll see that we have a selection of client testimonials from our growing numbers. These are people just like you who find peace of mind and affordable services under our roof.

 Looking after your vehicles is about more than making money. We love to engage with our customers and help them understand how they can keep their vehicles running and safe. This Markham rewards program is about amplifying our core principles of integrity, honesty and quality. We are always looking to have a long-term relationship with you as one of our valued clients. Offering this reward program was one of the clearest paths to accomplishing that goal.

Customer Centric Markham client Rewards and More

Because we want you to interact with us on several different levels beyond just having your car repaired, we offer a variety of specials too. The reason we do so many different things to bring you in is simple.

Here at AutoNiche we are convinced that our sales and service are one of the best values that you get for your dollar anywhere. We feel that by offering these extra incentives, you’ll come in and see us and find out what our core values are for yourself.

Keep in mind that on top of the excellent Markham client rewards we offer, we have a commitment to the latest innovation. While you are looking through our website at all the different services we offer, take a moment to look at our digital vehicle inspection services.

We are very proud of this innovation because it brings the latest in digital technology to your car. Looking under the hood takes on a whole new meaning with this latest tool. Our digital scanners can even work proactively and find problems before they occur.

AutoNiche: The Complete Package 

If you’re looking for comprehensive auto repair and maintenance, you stopped on the right website. Here at AutoNiche, we are committed to having long-lasting relationships with each and every one of our clientele.

Interaction and engagement on the highest level are the cornerstones of our business that works nicely with our integrity, honesty and quality workmanship. Get in touch to learn more about our Markham client rewards today.

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